Do I really Need a Reason to be Happy?

When someone asks me “How to remain happy always” I answer him in a form of question……I appeal him to ask this question from himself…….”Do I really need a reason to be happy

Yeah It’s what I recommend to you also……..

We all wanna to become a happy person who takes everything positively and remains happy in every condition but still after reading so many self-help books and watching videos on YouTube why we are not getting that Unlimited happiness?

Its because we are somehow making our happiness dependent on any external factor which is not in control of anyone…….and this habit of running before happiness is somehow making us more vulnerable.

I Believe……Happiness come from intention and not from reason…….you can see many people who are not rich but are happy and many people who are highly rich but still taking medical treatment for depression.

Because, Happiness is a feeling which depends upon “How we take things” and NOT upon “what things we get”.

So what you need to do is…….you just have to “Create Reason” & not have to search for it.

You have to ask this question from yourself “How this situtation is good for me” and you will see that you are feeling happy & satisfied.

So friend……….my appeal to you is just don’t ask “why to be happy”……ask “Why Not” and you will see how happy you can be…..It’s what which I follow in my life and found it highly useful.

I hope my appeal will get it’s attention and will help you in search of your happiness.

Stay happy…..Stay blessed.