Is my Morning Good enough?

Yeah that’s what I used to ask myself when I feel energy-less, frustrated and lazy just a moment after I wake up.
We all have experienced this……It’s so annoying to have such a morning and then all the limits get crossed when someone wishes us “Good Morning”…….and we simply reply to them “yeah” or even sometimes we reply them angrily……and from that moment we carry that frustration with us for whole day which gets on increasing day-by-day.
So here is the solution…….Its what I do when i feel the same and hope will work for you also.

5 Morning Blasters

  1. Wake Up Early – Its most important step for enjoying full beauty of morning……Early morning hours are like those extra hours in which you can make yourself ready to face all day challenges easily. You can use alarm but be sure to wake up everyday on same time and yeah sleep early to ensure to have sufficient sleep.
  2. Watch Sunrise – now its time to enjoy the beauty of nature………get yourself ready quickly as you wake up and reach at any open place……maybe it’s nearby garden or rooftop or even balcony…….be sure to have open place where you can have magnificent view of sunrise and calm breeze which will swing your mood up. Kindly don’t look for your mobile phone till you complete your morning blasters…..It’s highly important.
  3. Meditation – just after enjoying beautiful sight of sunrise you may probably willing to get focused and relaxed so that you can do your tasks effectively…….5 minutes of meditation will be sufficient…….but again be aware NOT to use your mobile phone.
  4. Exercise – Bit of exercise is highly important to make your body ready for whole day workout…….just do simple stretching & yog if possible.
  5. Morning Journal – Its time to write something positive in your dairy before starting your whole day routine………you can write 3 things for which you are thankful to God, 2 things which you like most etc…….means Just write whatever positive you have ever experienced in your life and start your day with a smile and blessings of your loved ones.
That’s how I used to start my morning daily and yeah I can say I have experiencing a real “Good Mornings” nowadays.
So friend I hope these 5 morning blasters will help you to make your morning positive……you can change sequencing of these as per your comfort……but be sure…….NOT to use mobile phone or any other gadget….these are happiness killers.